Z80 Kits has been set up primarily as a legitimate way to sell RC2014 kits in to the European Union whilst complying with their recent VAT regulations and avoiding extra fees and tariffs for EU customers. We do, however, ship all around the globe, and have 6 years experience selling via another online marketplace.

Please note that this site is still new, and as such may well have multiple errors. Please feel free to point these out via the Contact page and they will be rectified as soon as possible.

z80kits.com is a trading name of RFC2795 Ltd

RC2014 is a trademark of RFC2795 Ltd

Several RC2014 kits are based on the work of Grant Searle

RomWBW is the work of Wayne Warthen

The 512k ROM/RAM module, as used in the RC2014 Zed computers is based on the work of Sergey Kiselev

SCM is Small Computer Monitor written for the RC2014 by Steve Cousins

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners