I cannot sit back and watch the Ukrainian people suffer.  Unfortunately I have very few ways that I can help.  However, I can make awesome retro computer kits.  And awesome retro computer kits can make money. And money can help save Ukrainian lives.

So I have a short run of 20 RC2014 Classic II kits and 20 RC2014 Zed kits that are themed in the colours of the Ukrainian flag.  They are no different from the standard models, and are priced exactly the same.  Please see the standard product listing for all the specifications and bill of materials etc. However 50% of the sale price of these two yellow and blue kits will be donated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Assistance Fund.

These kits sold out really quickly – However, there are enough pieces left over for one more RC2014 Classic II, and six more RC2014 Zed kits.  Well, nearly enough pieces. You will probably get a green LED instead of a yellow one as photographed.

I will post updates here of the money raised and the donation transaction details.


So far,over £1940.00 ($2550 USD, or 73000 UHV) has been raised


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