RC2014 Kits

RC2014 retro computer kits kits, modules and expansions.

The RC2014 range of Z80 based computer kits hark back to a simpler era when people could build their own computer, understand how it all works, and expand it however they want. Whether you’re new to the retro computing hobby, or built Z80 kits long before they were retro, there is something here for you.

If you are just starting out in retro computing then maybe one of the base kits will be the best place to begin.  These include all the PCBs, chips, headers and other components needed to get you started.  If you already have plans on what you want to build then perhaps a couple of the core modules or backplanes will help you get there quicker.  Or if you want to add some extra functionality, check out the expansion modules.

All RC2014 retro computer kits support the Standard Bus, although some modules may require Enhanced Bus support, or have particular software requirements, such as Z80 assembly language, BASIC, CP/M or RomWBW.

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