RC2014 Pro


  • Z80 based modular computer
  • 64k RAM
  • Pageable ROM boots to BASIC, SCM or CP/M
  • Compact Flash storage
  • 12 slot backplane
  • RC2014 Enhanced Bus
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The RC2014 Pro CPM Kit is a modular computer with an 12 slot enhanced backplane. It has a Z80 CPU running at 7.3728MHz, 64k RAM, Microsoft BASIC and SCM on ROM, or CP/M 2.2 on Compact Flash and communicates over serial at 115,200bps via a Zilog SIO/2 UART. The backplane allows expansion modules such as official RC2014 Modules or a selection of 3rd party “Designed for RC2014″ modules. The design is simple, and the standard 0.1” pitch headers encourages building your own add-ons.

The RC2014 Pro consists of the following modules;

These modules are available individually if you are upgrading an existing RC2014, or have non-standard requirements. However, for a complete computer kit, buying the RC2014 Pro will work out cheaper.

Assembly of the kit is very straightforward for anyone with basic soldering skills. All components are through-hole, except for the compact flash socket which is pre-soldered. All chips are socketed. Assembly guides are available on the RC2014 website, along with detailed information and schematics on all the modules.

When assembled, the RC2014 Pro CPM Kit boots straight in to Microsoft BASIC, SCM or CP/M 2.2. This can be accessed through an FTDI cable and a terminal program (PuTTY, TeraTerm, Screen, etc) on your PC or laptop. Alternatively, you can use a Pi Zero Serial Terminal to plug in directly to monitor & keyboard.

What is included

The RC2014 Pro Kit includes all PCBs, sockets & headers, ICs, pre-programmed ROM, pre-programmed 64mb or 128mb compact flash card, passive components and USB power lead.

It is assumed that you have your own soldering equipment (entry level soldering kit is sufficient), and have at least beginners experience.

You will need to supply your own USB power adapter (500ma or higher) and an FTDI cable or CDC serial adapter connected to your PC/laptop


Bill of materials

Additional information

Weight 475 g
Dimensions 230 × 180 × 20 mm
Include 5v USB CDC Adapter

No USB adapter, Yes Include 5v USB CDC Adapter

Compact Flash size

64Mb, 128Mb


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