NeoPixel Module – Short Board


  • 8 RGB Addressable LED Display Module
  • Designed by PeacockMedia
  • Daisy Chain or Bypass to drive other NeoPixel displays
  • Program in BASIC, C, or Z80 Assembly
  • Includes SDK
  • Supplied fully assembled and tested


The NeoPixel Short Board Module from PeacockMedia has 8 individually addressable diffused LEDs. These 24 bit APA106 LEDs can display 16 million colours and give some creative display options to your RC2014.

The driver is optimised for Adafruit NeoPixel, in particular the NeoMatrix.  A header allows you to connect up to two 8×8 Matrixes to this board.  You can also drive APA106, WS2812, SK6812 or other NeoPixel based displays up to 128 pixels in total.  Longer strings can be supported, but you may hit memory limits in the RC2014.  The 8 LEDs on the module can be the first 8 pixels on the string, or can be bypassed entirely.

The Software Development Kit

The SDK supplied contains ready to run examples including a Breakout demo, Snake demo, chess game, beating heart animation and scrolling text.  Examples and templates for BASIC, C and Z80 Assembly Code are included, so programming is very straightforward whatever your skill level.  For BASIC, you can use ROM BASIC as supplied on the RC2014 Classic II, RC2014 Mini or RC2014 Micro, or MBASIC in CP/M on the RC2014 Pro, RC2014 Zed or RC2014 Zed Pro.  There is a small bit of Z80 code in the templates supplied which does the heavy lifting.  This makes programming very simple as you don’t need to worry about refreshing or PWM’img the pixels.

If you are looking to drive a 8×8 NeoPixel display mounted on the module, we have you covered for that too!

The NeoPixel Short Board Module is supplied fully assembled and tested.

This listing is for the NeoPixel 8×8 Matrix Module only. The RC2014 and any separate LED modules shown in photos are for demonstration purposes and not included.  NeoPixel is a trademark of Adafruit


Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 mm

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