Z80 CPU Module


  • Core Module in RC2014 Kits
  • Standard Bus – Single row header pins
  • Enhanced Bus – Double row header pins


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This is the Z80 CPU Module which is supplied with the RC2014 Pro or RC2014 Zed or RC2014 Zed Pro. It can also be used as a replacement for the CPU module supplied with the RC2014 Classic ][, or if you are building your own custom RC2014 variant. It can be used with Standard Bus backplanes (Backplane 5 or Backplane 8), or with Enhanced Bus backplanes (Backplane Pro). If the Standard Bus option is chosen, then a 10 pin straight header is also supplied. This will give you access to the /NMI, /WAIT, /BUSRQ or /BUSACK signals.

The Z80 CPU Module can also accommodate a ZIF socket (not supplied) if you anticipate swapping out your CPU regularly.

For PCB Only option, see Core Module PCB listing


Additional information

Bus Type

Standard Bus, Enhanced Bus


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