8×8 LED Matrix Display Module


  • 8×8 LED Matrix Display
  • Designed by Shiela Dixon
  • Choice of display colour
  • Demo code for BASIC, FORTH and Z80
  • Simple control over 2 ports
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This 8×8 LED Matrix Display Module was designed by Shiela Dixon. It is a fun way to add character to your RC2014 or program simple animations.

The display is driven by a ULN2803A Darlington Transistor Array. This is controlled by a pair of 74HCT374 for the rows and columns on Port 0 and Port 2. This makes programming simple from BASIC, FORTH, Z80 assembly code by strobing each row in turn. See videos of it in action running;

The kit comes with a choice of red, blue or white displays with round LEDs or a white display with square LEDs. It is compatible with any 32mm x 32mm Common Cathode 16 pin display, so there are loads of other options.

A laser cut Perspex diffuser panel is supplied which will soften the definition. This makes it a lot more pleasant to look at – although it does make it very hard to get a representative photo! Please bare this in mind when checking the photos 🙂

The 8×8 LED Matrix Display Module is also available as a PCB Only Option in the Expansion Module PCB listings


Demo Code

Bill of materials

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 mm
Matrix Type

Red Round LED, White Round LED, Blue Round LED, White Square LED, None


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