Expansion Module PCBs


Individual bare PCBs for expanding your RC2014

  • Digital I/O
  • IDE Hard Drive
  • Pi Zero Serial Terminal
  • DS1302 Real Time Clock
  • Bubble LED Display
  • YM2149 Sound Card
  • ESP8266 Wifi
  • Compact Flash
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If you have access to the individual components these bare expansion module PCBs offer a cost effective way to build and expand your RC2014.

Prices are for a single PCB only, although photos show both front and back for clarity.

For the individual modules including components, see Core Modules listings

See rc2014.co.uk for full specification on each module.

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Digital I/O, IDE Hard Drive, Pi Zero Serial Terminal, DS1302 Real Time Clock, Bubble LED Display, YM2149 Sound Card, ESP8266 Wifi, Compact Flash, Pi Pico VGA


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