LCD Driver Module


  • Control board for HD44780 based LCD modules
  • 2×8, 2×16, 4×20 LCD panels
  • Easy to program from BASIC or assembly
  • Contrast and backlight control


The LCD Driver Module allows you to use standard LCD character displays with your RC2014. These displays can be easily written to from BASIC or Z80 assembly code, giving you an alternative to serial output.

HD44780 based displays are very versatile, with features such as programmable fonts, cursor control, character shifting and screen blanking.  These low power displays interface well with the Z80 using a Register/Data port that can be written to as well as read from.  With a design which is decades old, these ubiquitous devices are not only period correct for Z80 machines, but very well documented too.

The LCD Driver Module can be supplied with a 2×8, 2×16 or 4×20 display.  The smaller, 2 line displays can be mounted directly on the module itself. However the larger 4 line display is designed to be remotely mounted via ribbon cable.  Alternatively, the module can be supplied without any display so any display with a 16 pin header can be used.  All signals are buffered, so longer ribbon cables can be used without affecting the Z80 bus integrity.

Contrast and backlight brightness can be controlled via pots on the module.  Note that the backlight is not adjustable on the 2×8 display.

This module can be used with any computer in the RC2014 range, although the 4×20 screen is optimised for use with an RC2014 Zed or RC2014 Zed Pro fitted in a Blue Box with Front Panel.

All components on the LCD Driver Module are easily soldered through-hole components and a mounting screw is supplied to prevent things moving around.



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Screen size

2×8, 2×16, 4×20, Universal (No Screen)