Compact Flash Module v2


  • Solid state storage
  • Run CP/M or RomWBW
  • Part assembled option
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This Compact Flash Module adds solid state disc storage to the RC2014. Primarily it is intended to be used for running CP/M when used alongside the 64k RAM Module and the Pageable ROM Module, or with the 512k ROM 512k RAM Module.  It is not accessible directly from BASIC as supplied with the regular RC2014.

The CP/M distribution, as modified by Grant Searle will support 64MB or 128MB compact flash cards. Larger sizes can be used, however a maximum of 128MB will be available. A 128MB card is split in to 15 x 8MB drives and 1 x 2MB drive, available as Drive A: to Drive P:.  A 64MB card is split in to 7 x 8MB drives and 1 x 5MB available as Drive A: to Drive H:

In order run CP/M you need the following set up as a minimum; Clock , Serial I/O, Z80 CPU, Pageable ROM, 64K RAM, Backplane (Either Backplane 8 with additional connection between ROM and RAM, or Backplane Pro) and CP/M Console on ROM. Alternatively, Clock, Serial I/O, Z80 CPU, Backplane (any) and 512k ROM 512k RAM for RomWBW.

Kit Assembly

Note that the pitch of the pins on the Compact Flash socket is very fine, at 0.635mm (0.025 inch). This is a quarter of the pitch of the other components on the RC2014. With patience, a good eye and a steady hand it can be hand soldered on without too much trouble. If you prefer to use solder paste with either a reflow station or “toaster” oven, I now offer a laser cut stencil to allow the perfect amount of paste to be spread on the board.

For those not brave enough to try, however, the PCB with this connector already attached and tested is available.  All the other components on the Compact Flash Module are supplied unfitted.

What do I get?

  • Standard kit Includes the PCB, headers, socket, chip, resistors etc and the compact flash connector
  • Standard kit + Stencil As above but includes stencil
  • Part built kit As standard kit, but the compact flash connector is supplied fitted to the PCB

For PCB Only option, see Core Module PCB listing

Additional ROM or Compact Flash media can be found in the Components section


Bill of materials

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 mm
Kit level

Standard Kit, Standard Kit + Stencil, Part Built Kit


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