Tynemouth 68B50 Clocked Serial Port


  • Single 68B50 UART
  • 7.3728MHz clock
  • 5v TTL Serial
  • FTDI compatible header
  • Tx/Rx Activity LEDs


The Tynemouth 68B50 Clocked Serial Port combines a single TTL compatible UART with a 7.3728MHz clock.

The clock can be used to drive the 68B50 independently of the system clock, giving 115200 baud serial.  Alternatively it can also be used to run both the UART and the system clock. This allows the removal of the clock module and freeing up a slot. The clock can also be bypassed, allowing the UART to be driven at the system clock speed which may give different baud rates.

This module was originally designed for the Minstrel 4th from Tynemouth, but it can be used in RC2014 systems to replace the 68B50 or SIO/2 serial modules. With some backplane modifications it can be used along side existing serial ports for extra connectivity.

The 6 pin header is 5v FTDI compatible, and there are Tx and Rx activity LEDs.

The Tynemouth 68B50 Clocked Serial Port is also available as a bare PCB in the Core Module PCB listing

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