Pre-programmed ROM


Pre-programmed ROM for RC2014 kits

  • R0000009
  • R0881099
  • 24886009
  • RomWBW v3.4.0
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If you are upgrading your RC2014, designing your own Z80 computer, or have a damaged ROM, then buying a pre-programmed ROM makes life easier.  You will need to order the correct size for your system, and with the right images for the hardware you have. The most commonly used ROMs are;

Custom 64k ROMs made up from 0,1,2,4,6,88,9,R,K images can also be supplied. See Decoding ROM Labels for full details on each image.

Using a pre-programmed ROM takes the worry out of burning your own ROM, although, if you wish to do so, the images are all available on the RC2014 GitHub page.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 10 mm

00000000 (Blank 64k), R0000009, R0881099, 24886009, RomWBW 3.0.1, Blank 512k, Custom 64k


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