RC2014 Classic II CP/M Upgrade Kit


  • Upgrade Kit for CP/M
  • Suitable for RC2014 Classic or Classic II
  • Pageable ROM Module
  • 64k RAM Module
  • Compact Flash Module
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This kit contains all the parts needed to upgrade a standard 32K RC2014 Classic or RC2014 Classic II kit running BASIC in to a 64K RC2014 running CP/M. Essentially, it comprises of a Pageable ROM Module, a 64k RAM Module and a Compact Flash Module, along with a PROM pre-programmed with Microsoft BASIC, SCM and CP/M Console, and a 128mb or 64mb compact flash with CP/M 2.2 installed. The compact flash socket is a surface mount component, and will be supplied pre-soldered to the PCB.

This kit is only suitable for upgrading a RC2014 Classic or RC2014 Classic II.  You will be using the backplane, clock, CPU module and serial I/O module from that kit. You will also be reusing the 62256 RAM, 74HCT04 and 74HCT32 chips from the ROM and the RAM modules.

The Classic II CP/M Upgrade Kit represents a saving compared to buying the modules individually – however, if you already have components such as a blank compact flash card, or are happy soldering the CF socket yourself, you may be better off picking and choosing from the separate module options.


Bill of materials

Additional information

Weight 160 g
Dimensions 100 × 150 × 20 mm
Compact Flash Size

64MB, 128MB


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