RC2014 Mini II CP/M Upgrade Kit


  • Boosts Mini II RAM up to 64k
  • Page control of Mini II ROM
  • Compact Flash Storage
  • CP/M 2.2
  • Pre-soldered Compact Flash socket
  • 2 RC2014 Expansion Sockets
  • Keyboard connector passthrough
  • Perspex case option
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Note that this kit is for the RC2014 Mini II.  It will not work with the Original Mini.  If you have the original RC2014 Mini  you will need the RC2014 Mini CP/M Upgrade Kit

This RC2014 Mini II CP/M Upgrade Kit will convert your 32k RC2014 Mini II [0] that runs BASIC, Forth or Z80 ASM in to a 64k machine that can also run CP/M 2.2.  As the Operating System of choice before the PC and MSDOS took over, there’s a wealth of CP/M software available. This goes from programming languages such as Pascal or BBC BASIC, to office productivity tools like Wordstar and dBase II. There are even games such as Zork or Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, and lots lots more.

The kit contains a 4 layer PCB with the surface mount compact flash socket pre-soldered, and all of the through-hole components needed to upgrade your RC2014 Mini II.  Your existing Mini II already has the appropriate software on ROM, so there is no wasted components.  The paging out of the ROM is handled by the RC2014 Mini II CP/M Upgrade Kit so the full 64k of RAM is available to CP/M.

The Upgrade Kit mounts directly above the RC2014 Mini II connecting through to the Mini II via the expansion header.  Two additional expansion headers allow you to connect either two Standard Bus modules or one Standard Bus and one Enhanced Bus [1] module.  A keyboard pass-through connector is also available if you are using the RC2014 Mini Keyboard.

A 64MB or 128MB compact flash card with CP/M and essential transient applications preinstalled is included with the kit.

An optional Perspex enclosure is also available, which includes the additional mounting hardware.  If you already have the Mini II Perspex enclosure then you only need the top plate and fitting kit.


Please note that this kit will not work with the original RC2014 Mini.  The RC2014 Mini II was designed with this kit in mind and includes 16k Pageable ROM. If you have the original RC2014 Mini you will need the original RC2014 Mini CP/M Upgrade Kit.

Note [0] The RC2014 Mini II or other expansion modules are shown for illustration and are not included with this kit.

Note [1] The Enhanced Bus 20 pin connector has the socket that would contain Tx2 and Rx2, but due to the RC2014 Mini only having a single serial port, these signals are not present.


Bill of materials

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Compact Flash Size

64mb, 128mb

Laser cut enclosure

No thanks, Clear – Full Kit, Clear – Top plate & fittings, Blue – Full Kit, Blue – Top plate & fittings

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