RC2014 Mini II Proto Board


  • Fits Mini II or Mini II CP/M Upgrade Kit
  • Up to 3 additional module slots
  • 926 pads total
  • Standard Bus and Enhanced Bus signals
  • Wide or narrow DIP compatible
  • LED and switch footprints


The RC2014 Mini II Proto Board lets you prototype your own circuits on your RC2014 Mini II, or RC2014 Mini II with CP/M Upgrade Kit.  It is also compatible with the original RC2014 Mini, and CP/M Upgrade kit, but only features Standard Bus.

All the signals from the Standard Bus and Enhanced Bus are bought out on pads on the left.  The Standard Bus signals are also available on the right side which can make wiring easier.  There is also room to add sockets for additional modules if required.

The large prototype area comprises of 648 pads (plus 278 in the surrounding area). These are laid out in two columns which can take narrow or wide DIP chips.  Power can be connected to the two vertical lines in each column.

In addition, footprints are available for a tactile switch and an LED, along with breakouts for the serial and keyboard connectors.

If used with the RC2014 Mini II on its own, the outside row of pins connects down to the Mini II.  If used with the CP/M Upgrade Kit, the middle row of pins should be used.  Additional RC2014 Mini II Proto Boards can be used by alternating between these pins.

The Mini II Proto Board is available as a bare PCB, or with a fitting kit to get you started.  Note that the screws supplied are 20mm long, which is fine for the Mini II.  However, if used with the CP/M Upgrade Kit, they are not long enough to protrude, so rely on gravity to stay in place.

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Bare PCB, PCB + Fitting Kit

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