ESP8266 Wifi Module


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The ESP8266 Wifi Module connects the serial port of your RC2014 to your network. It is supplied with ESP-Link firmware pre-installed on the ESP8266. This allows easy remote connection to the RC2014 over a Wifi network. The ESP8266 can be reprogrammed with other firmware, via the ESP8266 SDK or use the Arduino IDE. This can allow such uses as streaming the RC2014 output live to the internet (Twitch TV for the 1980s?) or even surfing internet based BBS.

Jumpers allow you to connect the ESP to the primary UART, or to UART 2 if you have the SIO/2 Dual Serial Module. The ESP8266 can be put in to programming mode and reprogrammed from a standard FTDI cable.

A couple of the GPIO pins are connected to LEDs, which can indicate Wifi Connected and data activity. All the GPIO pins are brought out to pads and a small prototyping area is available for adding more functionality.

Note that the ESP8266 module itself, and the 3v3 regulator are surface mount component.  They are quite large, so should be easily manageable, even by those that have only done through-hole soldering before.

The ESP8266 Wifi Module can be used with Standard Bus backplanes (Backplane 5 or Backplane 8), or the RC2014 Mini with single row header pins. For Enhanced Bus backplanes (Backplane Pro) then double row header pins should be used. If the Standard Bus option is chosen, then a 20 pin straight header is also supplied so you can access the TX2 and RX2 signals.

For PCB Only option, see Expansion Module PCB listing


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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 mm
Bus type

Standard Bus, Enhanced Bus


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