SID Interface by Quazar


  • SID sound chip interface
  • 6581 or 8580 compatible
  • SwinSID and ARMSID compatible
  • 3.5mm audio output
  • Supplied fully assembled


The SID Interface from Quazar allows you to use original SID chips or modern SID modules with your RC2014. The distinctive tones of the SID made the Commodore 64 stand out back in the day. Ever since, it has played a key role with chip tune artists everywhere.

This interface connects to an RC2014 Standard Bus and allows the Z80 to write to the SID chips registers. To assist timing there is also an interrupt generator. This timer can be set to generate approximately 50/60/100Hz interrupts, timed to match the frame rate of the Commodore 64. There are jumpers on the interface to allow the base I/O address to be configured, with the default set to 0x54.

The sound output is via a stereo 3.5mm socket on the side of the interface. This allows you to connect an amplified speaker. With the SID output being mono the same signal is fed to both the left and right channels.

As you’ll be aware there are two types of SID sound chip (6581 – from the original C64 and the 8580 from later C64 and the redesigned new-look C64C). The interface is built for the 6581 SID, and the SwinSID, SwinSID Ultimate and ARMSID.  An 8580 SID can be used through an optional adapter.  If you are using a SwinSID or ARMSID it can be configured to emulate either the 6581 or 8580.

Compatible with all RC2014 kits from the RC2014 Micro to the RC2014 Zed Pro

Please note that no SID chip is included with this module, however a SwinSID is available a as option.

The SID Interface is supplied fully assembled and tested, and includes documentation on how to get started.




Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 mm

Base Module, Base Module + SwinSID, Base Module + 8580 Adapter

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