Dual Clock Module


  • Single Speed 7.3728MHz
  • Multispeed down to 307Hz
  • External Input
  • Dual Output
  • Standard Bus – Single row header pins
  • Enhanced Bus – Double row header pins
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This is the Dual Clock Module which is supplied with the RC2014 Pro, RC2014 Zed or RC2014 Zed Pro, although it can also be used as a replacement for the clock module supplied with the RC2014 Classic II, or if you are building your own custom RC2014 variant. It can be used with Standard Bus backplanes (Backplane 5 or Backplane 8), or with Enhanced Bus backplanes (Backplane Pro). If the Standard Bus option is chosen, then a 10 pin straight header is also supplied.  This gives you access to the /CLK2 signals.

Clock Circuit

This is a multipurpose clock module. Primarily it generates a 7.3728Mhz clock signal to run the RC2014. This is available on pin 21 of the Standard Bus which is used to run the CPU and UART. Optionally, this signal can be duplicated on the Clock2 pin of the Enhanced Bus, which can be used to clock a second UART port.

As a multi speed clock there are several options for clock speed output. The 7.3728Mhz clock can be divided by 2, 3, 6, 8, 12 or 24, which will give outputs of 3.6864, 2.4576, 1.2288, 0.9216, 0.6144 or 0.3072Mhz respectively. Due to the serial baud rate being derived from the clock speed, this will equate to a baud rate of 57600, 38400, 19200, 14400, 9600 or 4800. Any of these speeds can be available on the primary Clock pin or the Clock2 pin.

In addition, there is a slow clock signal, of around 600Khz which, can be on the either the primary Clock pin or Clock2 or both.

There is an input from an external clock too. This can be derived from a signal generator, or from a basic clock module (which is no longer available) piggybacked on this module. Again, this signal can be on the either the primary Clock pin or Clock2 or both.

The last clock option is for a SPDT switch (not supplied) to be used to manually clock the RC2014.

Reset Circuit

The reset circuit has been upgraded to allow for an automatic reset to be triggered shortly after power is applied. There is an active low reset and an active high reset signal available.  This can be connected to the Reset2 pin on the enhanced bus.  Be aware that this pin is also used as the /PAGE signal by the Pageable ROM.  You can only have use or the other on the bus.

What do I get?

  • Dual Clock Module Single Speed PCB, single row header IC & socket, crystal, caps, resistors and reset button. Everything you need for a 7.3728Mhz clock module
  • Dual Clock Module Multi Speed PCB, single or double row header, 5 ICs & sockets, crystal, caps, resistors, reset button, header pins and jumpers. Everything you need for multi speed output clock module

For PCB Only option, see Core Module PCB listing


Bill of materials

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 mm
Clock Type

Single Speed (7.3728MHz), Multispeed

Bus Type

Standard Bus, Enhanced Bus


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