Pi Pico SD Card Backpack


  • Add Micro SD Card Storage to Pi Pico VGA Terminal
  • Compatible with PicoTerm 1.6.0 onwards
  • Available with socket pre-soldered
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The Pi Pico SD Card Backpack adds Micro SD Card support to the Pi Pico VGA Terminal. It is designed to be soldered to the back of the Pi Pico VGA and utilises the header pins below the Pi Pico.  The GPIO pins are the same as used on the RP2040 VGA Terminal so software will work the same.

Micro SD support is included with PicoTerm from version 1.6.0, however, please be aware that at the time of listing this kit, the features are very rudimentary. Future updates may well include alternative font support, loading and saving keystroke macros, config files, and maybe printer emulation. However, these features are yet to be written.  It also works fine with the standard SD library for MicroPython.

Please be aware that the SD socket is a surface mount component.  This can be hand soldered with a fine tipped soldering iron and a steady hand. It can also be supplied pre-soldered for those not wanting to take the risk. See the documentation on the RC2014 website.

Note that the Pi Pico itself is not included with the Pi Pico SD Card Backpack kit.


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Weight 17 g
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 10 mm
Pre-soldered SD Socket

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