Micro SD Card Module


  • Micro SD Card Storage
  • Drop in replacement for Compact Flash Module
  • CP/M 2.2
  • Fast File Serial for quick and easy file transfer
  • Pre-programmedPi Pico Included


This Pi Pico based Micro SD Card Module, designed by Extreme Kits is a drop in replacement for the Compact Flash Module supplied with the RC2014 Pro and Classic II CP/M Upgrade Kit, and runs CP/M 2.2 (Support for RomWBW as included with the RC2014 Zed and RC2014 Zed Pro will be available shortly)

The availability of suitable Compact Flash cards has fallen dramatically over the past few years, so this is a great way to future-proof your RC2014. It has been tested with a large variety of Micro SD Cards from 256mb up to 16GB without issue.

The module uses a Raspberry Pi Pico to interface to the Z80 bus. A slightly modified version of the compact card image is stored on the SD card and the Pico servers this to the Z80 just as the original Compact Flash Module does. This means no ROM updates are needed. Your existing R0881009 or 24886009 ROM will work as they did with a CF card.

Files on the Micro SD Card can be managed from your PC using Fast File Serial. This set of Python applications is much quicker than using DOWNLOAD and can catalog and upload files too.

Almost all of the components are through-hole and easy to solder. The Pi Pico module needs to be surface mounted on the back, but this is very straightforward. The Micro SD Card socket is a bit more fiddly, but still approachable. This can be supplied fitted and tested at extra cost.

Available with either Standard Bus (For Backplane 8 or Backplane 5) or Enhanced Bus (For Backplane Pro. The Standard Bus variant is supplied with a jumper cable to connect the /WAIT signal to the CPU Module.


For PCB Only Micro SD Card Module, see Expansion Module PCB listing

Documentation Pico SD IDE Interface

Documentation File Transfer Program

Bill of materials

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 mm
Bus Type

Standard Bus, Enhanced Bus

Kit Level

Standard Kit, Pre-soldered SD Socket

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