Universal Front Panel Switch and LED for RomWBW

  • 8 Toggle Switch Inputs
  • 8 LED Outputs
  • Reset Switch
  • Power LED
  • Set RomWBW boot options with switches
  • Status LEDs for boot procedure and disc activity
  • Dimensions for drilling allow fitting in any enclosure


The Universal Front Panel I/O Kit allows you to add a RomWBW front panel to any enclosure.  The kit is made up of two parts, the I/O Panel and the I/O Module.

The Front Panel I/O Module sits in your RomWBW enabled RC2014 and provides 8 input and 8 output lines on port 0.  This is essentially the same as the Digital I/O Module, except the LEDs and switches are remote. An unpopulated RC2014 Bus extension socket is also present. This carries all the Standard Bus signals and up to 4 Enhanced Bus signals to a rear panel. The rear panel can then convert these back to the 40+20 RC2014 connector.  A DS1233 reset supervisor is also present to give the RC2014 a clean reset signal on power up.

The Front Panel I/O panel connects to the I/O Module via a 10cm 2×10 ribbon cable. This board has 8 toggle switches and 8 LEDs that configure RomWBW boot options and report the status.  A power LED and a reset switch is also fitted.

The I/O Panel can be fitted to any enclosure that is drilled for the switches and LEDs.  A paper template is supplied with the kit.  A PDF and SVG is also available if you wish to lasercut or CNC a panel yourself.

RomWBW Usage