Pi Zero Serial Terminal Module

  • Connect to HDMI or Composite monitor
  • USB keyboard or serial keyboard input
  • 115,200 baud serial
  • No PC required!

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The Pi Zero Serial Terminal Module was designed for the RC2014 to allow it to connect easily to a tv/monitor and USB keyboard via a Raspberry Pi Zero. The Pi Zero simply acts as a serial terminal and connects to the RC2014 via the UART pins. It does not provide any computing power to the RC2014. Ideal upgrade for RC2014 Classic II, RC2014 Pro or RC2014 Zed

You can read about the development of this on Hackaday.io

This module comes with PiGFX by Filippo Bergamasco on SD card. This is a bare metal terminal emulator for the Pi Zero which has been optimised for the RC2014. It boots almost instantly and talks to the RC2014 over serial at 115,200 baud.  If you wish you could use your own SD card and run full Raspian OS.

An FTDI connector allows you to connect a serial keyboard or FTDI device instead of a USB keyboard.  Composite video out is available from a phono socket. Reset button will reset Pi without resetting RC2014.

What do I get?

  • Full Kit – This is a kit of everything you need including the PCB, all headers and sockets, PiGFX on a small Micro SD card, resistors, PCB spacers & bolts, and mini HDMI adapter. It does not include the Pi Zero itself.
  • Full Kit + Pi – As above, but includes a brand new Pi Zero 1.3. Please note that I am not a Pi reseller so my stock will be variable, and you can almost certainly get the Pi Zero from your local supplier cheaper than from me

Note: The standard build of PiGFX will only work with the non-wireless version of the Pi Zero. The Pi Zero-W uses its hardware UART for Wifi and Bluetooth so needs a software UART implementation.

A USB OTG adapter is required for keyboard support.  Most USB keyboards are supported in PiGFX although Some keyboards with built in USB hubs or multimedia controls may not work.

For PCB Only option, see Expansion Module PCB listing


Bill of materials

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 mm
Include Pi Zero

No Pi Zero Included, Yes Include Pi Zero


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