ZX-RC2014 Bus Interface by Quazar


  • ZX Spectrum Interface
  • 2 RC2014 slots
  • 1 ZX Spectrum Passthrough
  • Reset Button
  • USB Power Option
  • Supplied assembled and tested

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The ZX-RC2014 Bus Interface by Quazar brings RC2014 goodness to your ZX Spectrum. It supplies 2 RC2014 Enhanced Bus slots and a Spectrum passthrough connector. Supporting all models of ZX Spectrum: 16K, 48K, +, 128K, +2, +3, +2A/B and the new ZX Spectrum Next.

While the Spectrum assigns all even I/O addresses to it’s ULA chip, many RC2014 Modules allow you to change the base I/O address. Providing an address not used by the ZX Spectrum itself can be selected it should be compatible. It is best to check the specifications of any modules you potentially want to connect to your Spectrum via this interface.

As well as two RC2014 interface slots this board also features a reset button. (Rubber keyed Spectrum 16k/48k owners will appreciate that!). An external powe micro-USB input is included too for power supply.  If required, this can power the plugged in cards rather than taxing the Spectrum’s 7805 power regulator. This may be needed if you are using power hungry cards.

A ZX Spectrum passthrough edge connector is fitted too.  This means that you can still use Spectrum interfaces alongside your RC2014 modules. So you don’t have to give up your ZXSpectROM or DivMMC when using this.

The ZX-RC2014 Bus Interface is supplied assembled and tested. Standoff screws to keep the board level are provided along with a use manual.


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 mm

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