RC2014 IDE Hard Drive Module


  • 82C55 based IDE Module
  • 2×20 2.54mm connector for 3.5″ HDD
  • 2×22 2mm connector for 2.5″ HDD
  • RomWBW support
  • z88dk libraries for C support


The RC2014 IDE Hard Drive Module allows you to add an IDE hard disk to your RC2014. It is based around the Intel 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI) chip and is supported using RomWBW. This makes it ideal for an RC2014 Zed, an RC2014 Zed Pro or any machine running the 512k ROM 512k RAM Module. An RC2014 82c55 disk IO driver has also been added to z88dk, enabling disk access from your C programs. ChaN’s FatFS has been adapted to run on top of this enabling FAT filesystem access. Note that there is no support to load or save files from a standard RC2014 running BASIC

The IDE Hard Drive Module includes connectors to allow a standard 3.5″ or laptop style 2.5″ drive to be used. If a 2.5″ drive is used, it can be powered from the RC2014 power bus, or from an external 5v supply via the barrel jack.

Where have I seen this before?

This product is a simplified version of Ed Brindleys IDE Adapter, but using a DIP-40 chip and standard RC2014 address circuitry. The jumpers and switches have been removed to allow for an easier setup, but otherwise it operates the same. No changes will need to be made to RomWBW to use this.

For PCB Only option, see Core Module PCB listing


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