512k ROM 512k RAM Module


  • 512k ROM and 512k RAM
  • Paged memory
  • RomWBW installed
  • Support for many hardware options
  • Standard Bus
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This is the 512k ROM 512k RAM Module which is supplied with the RC2014 Zed and RC2014 Zed Pro.  It is designed to run RomWBW operating system on a RC2014 computer. Due to the 64k addressable memory space of the Z80, this module divides the memory up in to multiple 32k pages.

It is designed to replace both the ROM and RAM modules in the RC2014 Classic II, or RC2014 Pro, and can also be used with the RC2014 Mini if the ROM and RAM chips are removed.

The circuit is largely a reproduction of the ROM/RAM part of Sergey Kiselevs Zeta 2, with some modifications inspired by Dr Scott Bakers ROM/RAM Module

The 512k ROM 512k RAM Module uses a RC2014 Standard Bus. This makes it compatible with all RC2014 backplanes.


What is RomWBW

RomWBW is a ROM-based implementation of CP/M-80 2.2 and Z-System for all RetroBrew Computers Z80/Z180 hardware platforms including SBC 1/2, Zeta 1/2, N8, Mark IV, and RC2014. Virtually all RetroBrew hardware is supported including floppy, hard disk (IDE, CF Card, SD Card), Video, and keyboard. VT-100 terminal emulation is built-in.

The RomWBW ROM loads and runs the built-in operating systems directly from ROM.  It includes a selection of standard/useful applications accessed via a ROM disk drive. A RAM disk drive is also provided to allow temporary file storage.

Wayne Warthen, the author of RomWBW, has ported this operating system to the RC2014, and it will auto-detect either the 68B50 ACIA or the SIO/2 UART. If available, it can also use Compact Flash or IDE hard drives for storage. Support is also there to detect  and use a RTC Module or a YM2149 sound card.

For detailed information on RomWBW see https://github.com/wwarthen/RomWBW

For PCB Only option, see Core Module PCB listing

Other modules shown in the photos are for illustration purposes only.


Bill of materials

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 mm


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